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Are you looking for a professional marble polishing service in Etobicoke?

We are the best in Etobicoke and we can restore your old, dull marble to its original shine. Our polishing service is guaranteed to make your floors look new again. You’ll be amazed at how much brighter they look when we’re done!
Marble is an incredibly durable stone that will last for decades with proper care, but it does need some upkeep every now and then. When you trust us with your restoration needs, our team of highly skilled professionals will get the job done right so you don’t have to worry about anything else. We guarantee 100% satisfaction or your money back!
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Our Services

Marble Polishing

Marble polishing is a great way to bring back the natural beauty of your stone. If you have marble that has been scratched, stained or dulled from months or even years of wear and tear, it doesn’t take long for the damage to become noticeable. By polishing your marble, you can remove all the surface imperfections and restore it to a natural shine.

Countertop Polishing

Polishing your marble countertops is an excellent way to keep them looking their best. If you have dull, stained or scratched surfaces that aren’t shiny anymore, our process will get the look back quickly and easily! We’ll restore your stone so it looks new again with minimal time or effort on your part.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

The grout lines between your tiles are a prime spot for dirt and germs to accumulate, which is why it’s important to keep on top of keeping them clean. If you have dirty or stained grout that affects the look of your floors, give us a call! We can restore those grout lines back to their original colour in a matter of hours using the most advanced tools and cleaning techniques.

Vanity Polishing

We can restore and polish your marble vanities, including bathtubs and shower enclosures. This is a great option for those that want their fixtures to look as good as new without the hassle of replacing them entirely. We’ll grind away any old grime or mineral buildup from these surfaces before polishing them until they shine again.

Shower Restoration

Marble is a beautiful, natural stone that is very durable and resistant to water. However, this does not mean it’s impervious to damage from hard water or other types of mineral buildup. If you have a marble shower or tub that has started looking dull, stained or otherwise less attractive than it should be, we can help!

Etch & Water Mark Removal

Do you have hard water spots or mineral buildup that’s left your surfaces looking dull? You can restore them yourself with just a little bit of elbow grease, but it will take quite some time. Alternatively, you can let our professionals restore the gleam to your old marble in no time at all! We’ll send machine-powered tools to break down stubborn mineral deposits, making them easy to wipe away with a clean towel.

Professional Marble Polishing Services in Etobicoke

At Lacca Marble And Granite Restoration & Polishing, we provide professional marble polishing services. Polishing the surface of your marble flooring will restore it to its original luster and shine. It can also be used to remove etches, scratches, watermarks, stains and other damage caused by age or wear. If you are looking for an affordable alternative to replacing your worn-out floors then look no further. With years of experience restoring natural stone surfaces, you can rest easy knowing that your floor is in good hands.
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