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Etch marks & Water Marks Removal

Etch marks are very common on marble or stone surfaces, especially after acid etch marking is done by amateurs without proper experience. Each marking is a process in which acid etchant (muriatic Acid HCl) dissolves etched surfaces and creates microscopic grooves.
Etch marks, however, are not watermarks, but the two can be confused easily because they both create similar patterns on stone, marble or other surfaces. Water marks are caused by a sudden change in humidity or temperature, most commonly a very low humidity situation. After a long period of time under low humidity, water marks can appear identical to etch marks.
If you are looking for the best solution to remove etch marks or water marks, we at Lacca Marble And Granite Restoration & Polishing provide easy and professional service of etching mark removals, watermarks removals and surface preparation (polishing) without any damages to the substrate.

Etch Mark Removal

The etch mark removal is a process of creating microscopic grooves on the etched surface. To do this, we use Diamond Electroplated Tool ( D.E.T ) to remove etch marks from Marble, Travertine, Granite and Onyx surfaces without damaging the substrate if done properly with proper equipment and diamonds and polishing compounds ( diamond powder ).

Water Mark Removal

The removal of water marks is a process of removing fine lines or patterns created by drastic changes in humidity. It is a very complicated process and it requires experienced technicians to do the job. The entire surface has to be polished in order to remove them and then re-polished to restore or original shine and luster before the etching mark removal procedure.

Professional Shower Restoration in Toronto

Lacca Marble And Granite Restoration & Polishing is the best choice for all your stone care needs. We are experts at etch and water mark removal, polishing, honing, sealing, grouting and more! Our team of professionals will make sure your stone looks like new again. You can trust us to restore any type of natural stone including travertine, limestone or marble.
When it comes to restoring your natural stones back to their original state we’re the best in the business! If you want a polished look with no residue left behind then our high-speed polishers are just what you need. With over 10 years of experience in this industry, we know how important it is that every job gets done right so that’s why we take pride in our workmanship each step of the way. Whether you have an old kitchen countertop or floor tiles from another era – give us a call today and let us bring them back to life!
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